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YourBiotics, Ancient Healing Technology & Archaea: 
In 2018 Dr. Jeffrey West partnered with an expert in the field of microbiology who he lovingly refers to as "the mad scientist" with plans to develop a full line of supplements that are truly... well... extraordinary utilizing ancient healing technology to provide superior nutrition. And in October of 2018 there was a major breakthrough in his research and thus YourBiotics was born.
And in October of 2018 there was a major breakthrough in his research and thus YourBiotics was born.
Everyone has heard of “friendly bacteria” that is vital for gut health. But have you ever heard of Archaea?
Turns out that we have Archaea living in and on our bodies.
Archaea are one of the few microbes that flourish in an oxygen free environment such as the 30 foot long human gut and can survive some of the most extreme conditions. They aid in digestion and support other friendly bacterial growth
Remarkably, their abundance appears to remain stable over time, even following radical dietary changes and are generally passed down from mother to child. 
Unfortunately, mounting evidence has shown antibiotics as well as statin drugs could inhibit the growth of Archaea in the body and may even cause its extinction within the gut. 
So what does that mean for gut health?
Archaea, bacteria and fungi coexist and thrive in what's called a naturally biotically diverse environment. But what if antibiotics and other drugs, pesticides and modern chemicals have caused their abundance to disappear? 
Stomach disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn can all be signs of an unbalanced gut. 
Sugar cravings, Unintentional weight changes, Sleep disturbances or constant fatigue, Bad breath, Food allergies or sensitivities. 
Moodiness, Anxiety and Depression. Skin problems like eczema. Diabetes. Autoimmune disease and suppressed immunity.
Enter the breakthrough - YourBiotics does what no other probiotic on the market can claim to do, it combines this natural biotic diversity with the ancient healing technologies of the jasmonate plant hormone, bee pollen, ascorbic acid and amino acids creating a prebiotic and probiotic unlike any others on the market today! With thousands of strains of beneficial bacteria, fungi and archaea in every capsule, YourBiotics works to establish true gut health by balancing your gut pH.
And because modern freeze drying methods harm the microbes we had to invent a new technology to preserve their integrity and we did
This new technology allows us to pressure dry the food of plants and microbes. 
This method ensures no harm comes to the microbes in YourBiotics and that they are not only alive and well, but well fed with a food source that tends to expand their numbers within the capsule over time, similar to fermented foods. Thus they get better with age unlike most probiotic supplements whose numbers decrease with time! 
This pressure drying method is not for sale which makes YourBiotics the only known microbial product to have archaea and pressure drying.
After patenting this process and producing it in an FDA cleared facility 

YourBiotics became the only one of it's kind on the market. 

It's a prebiotic, probiotic and an all around gut healing supplement.

And it's just the start of a full line of one of a kind supplements. 
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