3/16/2020 Update: YourBiotics is currently undergoing a major university study for it's antiviral properties

3/16/2020 Update: YourBiotics is currently undergoing a major university study for it's antiviral properties




 What is a (PRE-PRO)Biotic Supplement?

 What is a (PRE-PRO)
Biotic Supplement

pre·bi·ot·ic /ˌprēˌbīˈätik/ noun 
: a substance and especially a carbohydrate (such as inulin) that is nearly or wholly indigestible and that when consumed (as in food) promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

pro·​bi·​ot·​ics | \ prō-bī-ˈä-tik/ noun
: a microorganism (such as lactobacillus) that when consumed (as in a food or a dietary supplement) maintains or restores beneficial bacteria to the digestive tract.

Prebiotics serve as food for Probiotics. YourBiotics combines the two to achieve true microbiome balance.

What Is YourBiotics?
A blend of prebiotic food sources and probiotic microbes that decides what your body needs and helps get it in balance by combining a natural biotic diversity with ancient healing technologies creating a pre/probiotic unlike any others on the market today! With thousands of strains of beneficial bacteria, fungi and archaea in every capsule, Yourbiotics works to establish true gut health by balancing your gut pH.  
Probiotics biggest challenge is viability
The biggest challenge in the development of most probiotics is maintaining the viability of living bacteria cells and microbes during the manufacture and storage process as well as throughout the gastrointestinal tract after consumption, so that the claimed health benefits can be delivered to you. Modern freeze drying methods use nitrogen which tends to harm and/or kill the microbes, making them relatively ineffective with no real shelf life. 
We've solved the problem.
Because modern freeze drying methods harm the beneficial microbes we had to invent a new technology to protect them! 
And we did! We found a way to pressure dry the beneficial microbes. Pressure drying leaves the microbes unharmed and well fed with prebiotics which are a naturally occuring food source for plants and microbes. These microbes content with this food source tend to expand in numbers within the powdered form and actually get better with age! 
YourBiotics IS the only known microbial product to UTILIZE THIS NEW Pressure DRYING METHOD MAKING IT THE ONLY ONE OF IT's kind on the market!

Why Is Natural Biotic Diversity The KEY To Gut Health?

Natural biotic diversity can only be found in nature. Biotic (living) factors refers to plants, animals, bacteria and a more recently labeled class of living microbes known as Archaea. 

Everyone has heard of “friendly bacteria” that is vital for gut health.
But have you ever heard of Archaea? Archaea is a newly classified form of life that is vital for your microbiome. Turns out that we have Archaea living in and on our bodies.  

 Archaea are one of the few microbes that flourish in an oxygen free environment such as the 25 foot long human intestines and can survive some of the most extreme conditions. 

They aid in digestion and support friendly bacterial growth. 

Remarkably, their abundance appears to remain stable over time, even following radical dietary changes and are generally passed down from mother to child. 

Unfortunately, mounting evidence has shown antibiotics as well as statin drugs could inhibit the growth of Archaea in the body and may even cause its extinction within the gut. Replenishing this missing element is VITAL for the growth and stability of friendly bacteria and fungi. The combination of all three elements inside the gut creates a balanced pH and microbiome. And that's exactly what YourBiotics is engineered to do. 

By utilizing the Cutting Edge Freeze Drying Process, the combination of the Ancient Healing Technology and the natural biotic diversity along with Archaea Yourbiotics is by far
YourBiotics unique ingredients have been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness in multiple University Studies and are supported by 1500 clinical cases.
A Pre+Probiotic Engineered to be Effective! 
  • Increased Energy
  • ​​Boosting The Immune System
  • ​Improving Stomach & Digestive Disorders
  • Enhancing the Skin, Hair & Joints
  • ​Eliminating Pathogens, Parasites, Viruses & Infections
  • ​Detoxifying Heavy Metals
    • Helping to Prevent and Decrease the Time of Illness
    • ​ Improving Cellular Repair and Regeneration
    • ​Shelf Stable With No Need to Refrigerate

      About Dr. Jeffrey West


       Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of ABC ( Advanced Biostructural Correction ) and The Owner of "Be Truly Well" (an Integrative Health Center and Medical Spa).
      He spent over 20 years in research into alternative medicine, holistic treatments and nutritional supplementation.
      He fought and overcame stage 4 malignant melanoma skin cancer without surgery, drugs or chemo.

       In 2018 Dr. Jeffrey West partnered with an expert in the field of microbiology who he lovingly refers to as "the mad scientist" with plans to develop a line of supplements that were truly... well... extraordinary, utilizing ancient healing technology to provide superior nutrition. And in 2018 there was a breakthrough in the research and YourBiotics was born. 

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      "I beat the odds and survived stage 4 cancer with a 10 - 15% survival rate, financial ruin during the 2008 recession and a concussion after a head on 65 mph car crash. And I'll tell you exactly how I did it!" - Dr. West  

      • Learn the secrets of how he avoided financial ruin in the 2008 recession, an IRS audit and threatened lawsuit from his former business partner.
      • How he beat ​a stage 4 cancer diagnosis with a 10 -15% survival rate against all odds without surgery, drugs or chemo.
      • ​How he physically recovered from a major 65 mph head on car accident.
      • ​And much more! 
      What is the best way to take YB? 
      > Just take one capsule and empty the powdered contents in 12-16 ounces of liquid (Water, Juice, Hot-Iced Coffee or Tea) and stir. Best taken in the morning upon rising on an empty stomach.
      Does YB need to be refrigerated? 
      > No. We achieve this by first cultivating through a fermentation process a vast array of beneficial microbes with our unique blend of ingredients and then utilizing a newly invented cutting edge pressure drying process we preserve their integrity and natural biotic diversity while also making them shelf-stable (no need to refrigerate)!
      Has YB undergone clinical trials? 
      > YourBiotics has been used in over 3000 clinical cases and has been tested in university studies although no formal clinical trials have been completed.
      What benefits can I expect from taking YB? Are there side-effects? 
      > YourBiotics has been shown in over 3000 clinical cases to boost the immune system as 70% of the immune system is found in the human gut, improve cellular repair and regeneration, prevent and decrease the time of illness, improve energy, rid the body of parasites, viruses & infections, improve stomach pain & digestive disorders, improve the skin, joints, hair & many other conditions. In only a handful of cases mild detox symptoms were noted. It's very important to hydrate while supplementing with YourBiotics to help flush out toxins and reduce possible detox symptoms. Results may vary. 
      Is YB Non-GMO? 
      > YourBiotics is made of Organically Sourced Ingredients that are Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan and 100% Plant-Based. 

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      As Seen on T.V. with the original "Shark" of ABC's Shark Tank! 
      Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Immune System and Clear Your Skin
      1st Archaea based (PRE-PRO)Biotic Supplement Engineered By Top Microbiologist
      YourBiotics is sold in clinics all over the US.
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